Why Therapy?

The decision to seek help can be a big one, and for most people it’s scary and difficult. We are raised to think that we should be able to handle everything on our own, and that seeking an outside opinion is a sign of physical or moral weakness.  Whether your relationship is in trouble or you just want to feel better, therapy can help. As humans we are resilient, but it’s  hard to filter out all the “noise” from the environment and the many demands that life puts us. Many frustrating attempts to solve a problem may not have worked, leading to a sense of helplessness and bafflement as to why things always go so badly. Most of us want relief from pain be it physical or emotional. We want to be understood and desire that our relationships work effectively.  Finding the right therapist is a very important step.  As a licensed psychologist, I specialize and provide both individual and couples therapy.

Generally therapy is sought after an upsetting event or crisis that challenges our existing coping skills or brings up overwhelming feelings and distress: An important relationship is in trouble, a divorce or death occurs, a child enters the teen years. A long standing problem with a drug or alcohol addiction may become too much to bear. Self-defeating behavior patterns may stand in our way. Old pain and trauma may resurface. A spouse or other family member may seem “out of control,” and a concerned family member might ask for guidance.

At other times, our biology seems to have turned on us, as situational events and biological underpinnings  bring on feelings of depression, rage, worthlessness or persistent anxious and fearful feelings.

Therapy can help us feel better about ourselves and help us resolve our relationship distress.  It can bring relief from addictive behaviors, increase self-esteem, and  relieve the wounds of old hurts and traumas. Research shows that certain approaches can bring relief from pain, nurture self-acceptance, increase self-esteem, bring relief from anxiety and depression and help in the achievement of more effective relationships.  I offer the latest research based approach that is specifically responsive to your needs.

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